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   Muang Thai Insurance Co., Ltd.

 Muang Thai Insurance Co., Ltd. Company History

      20 June 2551 on the first day of the leap ... Muang Thai Insurance Company Limited (PLC) to the next step ... Thailand's leading insurance company under the name "Thai Insurance Company Limited (PLC)" The opening of this new recording of "The merger between the company Phatra Insurance Co. (PLC) and the Thai Insurance Company Limited" is a seal. is a history of insurance business. To increase the strength and competitive business. And providing overall expertise of both companies to enhance the features 2 each other perfectly. Including the ready to respond to the liberalization of insurance industry policy in the near future. "With the goal and committed to announcing to the top leading insurance companies in the country within 5 years with a premium growth increased 2 times, or 7,000 million baht."
      "And is secure. A professional field of insurance. Including an insurance company of people that are managed with transparency and ethical conduct. Principles corporate governance "over 76 years ... good insurance. Step of pride.

      Phatra Insurance Company Limited Public inception on 28 February 2475 the business of insurance Phatra Ensuring publicly. Development has been a good baby. Accumulated path gait stability. And professionalism of insurance are a proud achievement above all.

      Insurance is the insurance company of good people management with the emphasis on transparency. Principles corporate governance. To social care. Executives and employees realize the importance and confederate maintained continuously as longevity. Be the vision. "Insurance company in your mind" combined with the operational philosophy permeate the awareness of all that. "Honest trustfully friendly" with you กฤตยา athletic repeated Managing Director today.
      More than 57 years of insurance ... Thailand steady stride.

      Muang Thai Insurance Company Limited time back when back in Year 2494 under the name of the business. Muang Thai Life Assurance. Restricted by a line of services for all types of comprehensive insurance. From operations combined with effective and honest service to customers. And trusted as the company has made a significant headway. Critical point occurs when the insurance Act 2535 Act take effect. Muang Thai Insurance to make isolation from Thai Life Insurance. The Legal Year on 14 July 2541.

      Muang Thai Insurance Company Limited, received a public stand with all the sincerity. With the mission to operate that. "We are committed to a service provider. Assurer than a single "You kind ivory athletic repeated in the current Managing Director.
       And today the Thai Insurance Company Limited (PTTEP) is the insurance companies rich potential in both operations personnel with a flowing quality. Systems development and information technology has advanced along. Offer protection to meet the needs of all customers. The emphasis on customer service covering all sectors of the country.

       All channels to notify the service throughout the 24 hours. Muang Thai Insurance. Awareness and attention to every detail in a risk to the life and property of clients.

       We are ready to walk beside you everywhere all the time so you feel at ease and smile when the insurance Thailand insurance.

The slogan that. "Thailand Insurance. Smile when the threat. "

  Head Office
Muang Thai Insurance Co., Ltd.
  Muang Thai Insurance Co., Ltd.
Address :
  252/79, 81-84, 127-128 Muang Thai-Phatra Complex Tower B
10-12 and 28 Floor, Rachadaphisek Rd, Huaywang, Bangkok 10320
Tel :
  0-2693-3456, 0-2665-4000
Fax :
  0-2693-2766, 0-2665-4166
E-mail :
Website :

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