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   Assets Insurance Co., Ltd.

 Assets Insurance Co., Ltd. Company Profile

      On 19 August 2525 Asset Insurance Company Limited was founded with registered capital 60 million as collateral to secure and responsive to the economic growth of the country under the reinsurance capacity. R.b. insurance Act 2510. Later in the Year 2533 - 2534 to restructure the company shareholders and the Board of Directors. A good result to expand with more acceptance and trust from domestic banks and several financial institutions.


       Of success during the past cause the Company to increase its registered capital increased to 120 million and 150 million in Year 2534 and Year 2539 respectively at the same time also has been updated. Company structure to increase operational performance and service with the installation of computer systems to facilitate the various systems. To enter the new millennium year 2000 the company has long-term policy development, operations and increase the potential ability of personnel to be sent with insurance training institutions in several major. including education. By periodically. Ongoing. Planned development with Internet Marketing and Public Relations, a modern communications system that is quick and seamless and has invited the experience. Of insurance to participate in management to support economic growth with.

      Asset Insurance Company Limited has committed to develop a capable image management and service system to maximize efficiency. This brings the highest customer satisfaction and is recognized internationally. Quality system standard ISO 9001:2000 is the standard that has been so as a demonstration of system operations and services of the company. Quality and focused on the needs of all customers. Truly level.

       In Year 2545 has been restructuring its shareholders. Board of Directors. And its structure again. To operational effectiveness and organizational development potential even more. In addition, the conditions. Economic recovery is the company. Also increased its registered capital is 200 million baht evacuation technology. This is to show the stability in the business obviously. It also has a policy that will add another 100 million baht in registered capital and 300 million by end of Year 2546 in order to enhance competition and make the company a strong position to secure all.

       Current major shareholders of the Company consists of Beauty Gems Group (gems and jewelry business group of rank one) Honda Pinklao Group (automotive segment and real estate) by James in the Beauty and the Honda hairpin. skull. Also has a presence in several categories such as hotels and restaurants, golf courses etc. Sugar Company Limited and the major group.

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Assets Insurance Co., Ltd.
  Assets Insurance Co., Ltd.
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  492-494 Rachadaphisek Road,Huaykwang, Bangkok 10320
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