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   Krungthai Panich Insurance Co., Ltd.

 Krungthai Panich Insurance Co., Ltd. Company History

      Company Krungthai Panich Insurance Co., Ltd. is a foundation providing insurance for more than 50 years throughout the past period. The company has committed to. The development of secure financial position. Work effectively. Development of quality staff. And its services. To meet the needs of customers. Meet competitive conditions and increasing violence in the current environment. To become a provider of reinsurance. Equations with the mission of that company. "Committed to service. Work to create a society ".
      Of the Company. Began on 1 September 2496 the Year of the fourth force of approximately hobby (rank at that time) is the chief registration.
Founder of the insurance company name. S.p. Insurance Co., Ltd. established with capital of 3 million with offices located in the first number. 301 County Road Ehriykrug Pgamprab. Bangkok by enemies fail to provide car insurance only means.

      Commitment of the operational development and continuous good service. Thailand truly. Coupled with the ability of executives in the year 2497.
The company has received approval from the government at that time. Been announced in the government's auspices. This is the first and only company in Thailand.

      Performance of the company. Can grow rapidly and progress to the development organization are always in the Year 2499 The company moved into offices at the building number.

        County Road 7 Building 33 Rachdmeninklag capital Bangkok and has expanded its office from 1 to 2 cavern cavern cave in 2506 and 4 in 2520.

       Time to the insurance company has been adding capacity and expanding our insurance to other insurance. When the full-year 2514.

       Insurance Act Winaspai year 2510 with the creation of a company's financial stability. To support the expansion of the rapidly increasing. And find ways to cooperate on business in Thailand. To enter service with a more universal system.

       Executives of the company. Have issued guidelines on the development of prudent and farsighted. The technology has advanced to the development and use.

        Strengthen people's knowledge. As well as look for a suitable joint venture to build and expand its base of operations of the company. This will bring the increase.

       Quality of service is one for success. In the business of this company with Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited (), the nation's leading financial institutions.

       Thailand, which is one idea that can be coordinated with the intention seamlessly together. The joint venture is appropriate.

       August 1, 2538 Investment of Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited () in proportion 40% of the capital and 100 million R.s.p. Insurance Company Limited has occurred. And has changed. Its name. Company Krungthai Panich Insurance Co., Ltd..

      Expertise with a commitment to develop integrated management systems. Effective. As well as financially strong company is the principal.
For the creation of insurance services for the social good. Now we are confident. We are one of the company. Thailand's leading insurance.

  Head Office
Krungthai Panich Insurance Co., Ltd.
  Krungthai Panich Insurance Co., Ltd.
Address :
  208 Wireless Road,Patumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel :
  0-2651-5500, 0-2302-0111
Fax :
E-mail :
Website :

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